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MERC offers a wide range of specialized instruction for skill building and specific subject area tutoring from beginning reading to physics.



Will it really work? What kind of students do you work with? How often does my child need to attend tutoring? These and many more questions are answered here.


Test Prep

Build your child’s confidence and raise scores to a higher level with MERC Test Prep tutoring. If you are looking for exam prep for high school or college entrance (SAT or ACT) exams or for other tests such as GED or ASVAB


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Summer Programs

Learn more about our flexible Summer Programs to help your student stay on track, even when school’s not in session!

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McCully’s Educational Resource Center has built its tutoring reputation using student focused, scientifically based and researched instructional methods, coupled with more than 20 years of experience of supporting thousands of students. Learn more about the McCully’s Approach today!

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McCully’s Educational Resource Center, was founded more than 20 years ago after Mary McCully recognized the need to offer high quality tutoring to students of all ages, in different subject areas, and with varying academic needs.

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All tutors at McCully’s Educational Resource Center are professionals who have a high level of competency in their academic instructional areas

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