MERC Tutorting

Summer Programs

Summer is vacation time for most families. We offer a flexible scheduling policy to accommodate valuable summer family time. Summer is also a time for fun and play for students. It is important to note that it is the time when children’s learning slides. Research (Brace, 2002a) shows that during the summer, students forget many of the reading and math skills learned during the school year. This “summer slide” requires schools and teachers to spend valuable time during the next school year helping students “re-learn” lost skills, and it greatly reduces the time available to master new skills and subjects. It is truly important to keep your child learning and practicing their skills during the summer. Summer learning will prepare them to return to school ready to begin learning the new concepts.

Top Ten Reasons to Keep Kids Learning in Summer

  1. Education is the key to achievement and success.
  2. Parents who are actively involved in their children’s learning at home help their children become more successful learners.
  3. Stimulating children’s brain development all summer brings big benefits in the fall.
  4. The average student forgets a substantial number of reading and math skills learned during the school year.
  5. Losses are greater among students who do not attend summer enrichment programs, or take advantage of structured, summer learning opportunities.
  6. Much of the achievement gap for student learning occurs in the summer months.
  7. Children who lose ground over the summer have a difficult time in “catching up” during the following school year.
  8. Time spent on “re-learning” substantially reduces the valuable classroom time needed to master new skills and subjects.
  9. Steady improvement throughout the year means that children will meet the high educational standards supported by Michigan’s State Board of Education and will assure that students have the educational foundation needed to succeed in school and life.
  10. Summer is an ideal time for tutoring to provide the learning experiences and practice to reinforce learning.