MERC Tutorting

McCully’s History

McCully’s Educational Resource Center (MERC), was founded more than 20 years ago after Mary McCully recognized the need to offer high quality tutoring to students of all ages, in different subject areas, and with varying academic needs. The Center has grown from a small office in Plymouth to its third and present location in Canton, Michigan.

Along with expanding the size of their offices to accommodate more students, MERC has expanded its expertise to include educational opportunities for all children from pre-school to high school, as well as adult education. With a personally-assigned teacher and one-to-one or small group (2-3 students) options, instruction is offered to each individual in a friendly, supportive, and success-oriented atmosphere.

Founder: Mary McCully

Mary holds a Master’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University and began her teaching career in Dearborn Heights, then moving to Kalkaska, Michigan. After returning to the Plymouth-Canton area, Mary accepted a position as a Teacher Consultant for the Plymouth-Canton School District (PCCS). Over her many years of working with PCCS, she gained experience working with students in multiple grade levels and with a wide range of academic needs. She also learned multiple methodologies based on scientific research which helped students to achieve greater academic success.

Mary was motivated to open the first learning center because she recognized the need for many students to have individualized support for their academic achievement. Her passion was for student success through developing plans that would guide students to reach their goals. She worked hard to research, develop and refine the instructional methodologies needed to work with a wide variety of students of all grades and academic needs. She also recruited dedicated staff members who shared the beliefs that with the best support possible children could achieve at much higher levels.

Today, Mary still runs the Center with her husband, Bill, and their excellent staff, many of whom have been with the company for over Twenty years. We have helped changed the lives of thousands of students. And we’re having more fun than ever. We like kids. We believe in them and we recognize their incredible capabilities. We are honored to serve children and to help them to achieve to the best of their abilities.